10 Home Décor Items under $100

Decorating a home is undoubtedly one of the most exciting pursuits in life as an adult. It is the process by which we transform a structure of brick and mortar into a home. It can be a rewarding process, but also a tedious and time-consuming one if you do not know what to get for your home, based on your style, and where to get it. 

To help you get started, here is a list of exquisite and cost-effective home decor items that will help you give a fresh makeover to your home:

Resin Art

Resin art wins brownie points, among other decoration pieces, for its resistance against external factors such as UV light, heat, water, and moisture. It is unique, eye-catching and durable. Moreover, you do not need to be worried about shipping damage whatsoever when purchasing resin art because of its sturdy material. You can also get flowers of your choice preserved in resin and display them in your home.

Cane Lights

Another category of items is cane hanging lights. They will perfectly complement a minimalist and modern home decor style, as seen on Pinterest. You can hang them near a window and put plants, a sofa or a bookshelf around to have a cozy corner with an earthy vibe.

Traditional Elements

You can add a traditional flair to your home by investing in some timeless decoration pieces such as camel skin or salt lamps, wooden crafts, and blue pottery. These items have never gone out of style, and they never will. They will bring the necessary color and elegance in your home. A wooden jewelry box will look beautiful sitting on your dresser, while a blue pottery vase is bound to get compliments from your guests when placed in TV lounges/living rooms or drawing rooms. You can put salt or camel skin lamps on the tables of your study room/reading corners to uplift the mood of these spaces.


Rugs are an essential decorative item, no matter if your home décor style is traditional or modern. They come in several different designs, patterns, sizes, and materials; thus, they can be decorat,ed in multiple different ways. Some examples of rugs include kilim, crocheted, and Suzani rugs. These rugs can be hung on walls as tapestries or put on the floor or a table (if smaller in size) for decoration. Other than their aesthetic value, rugs also offer functional benefits for homes such as insulation, noise absorption and comfort. A new rug can single-handedly change the vibe of a space.

Indoor Plants

Decor items that will be a breath of fresh air, both literally and metaphorically, for any kind of home are indoor plants. While large and leafy plants have been kept inside homes for a long time, there has been a recent trend of having small succulent plants in homes as well. These plants are not only affordable and portable but are also easier to maintain. They require very less watering compared to large indoor plants. Hence, it is a good idea to invest in these dainty plants.


Another sought-after category of home décor is paintings. While framed paintings are a must-have for every home, you should also consider getting painted canvases and plates as well. The plates can either be displayed on tables or hung on walls.

Embroidered Accents

Embroidered wall hangings will definitely be beautiful and elegant additions to your home. You can either invest in embroidery hoops (for a more understated and casual look) or framed embroidery wall hangings (for a more polished look).

Embroidered or crocheted bedspreads can be used to add a vintage touch to your home. They exude a classic and formal vibe that will make your bedrooms seem more put-together and welcoming.

We hope these suggestions prove helpful for you. At Vceela, we pride ourselves in providing artisans all over Pakistan with a platform to sell their products directly to end customers. Thus, you can find authentic, affordable and ethically sourced home décor items on our website.

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