Crafting For Health
Benefits of Crafting

Somehow over the years, with the advent of technology and fast lives, we have forgotten to make time for ourselves.  Robotic lifestyle, hectic routines and constant fear of losing time, have been affecting our health in so many ways, both psychologically and physically. It is our duty to take care our ourselves in order to lead a good and healthy life.

The Pandemic has affected our lives in many ways, as we’re spending most of our time at home, it is important for us to find a new hobby and get creative.

Crafting is one of best activities that should be taken into consideration to build a healthy and fresh lifestyle!


This is basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and conscious of what we’re doing.  All crafts are excellent ways to achieve mindfulness.  Sometimes, we forget to take break from our busy and hectic schedules, our sleeping cycles get affected and our behavior changes negatively!  Crafting is kind of like meditation, which refills your mind’s battery.  You automatically become focused and concentrated on the activity, relaxing and unwinding while becoming more aware of what’s around you.

Reduced Stress

Stress is one of our leading health problems in present time.  With increasing competition and innovative technology, students as well as working people keep on pushing themselves to be better at tasks in their respective fields.  Even though they succeed in becoming the best at everything, there’s always some stress that keeps on disrupting their mental peace.

Did you know that knitting or crochet as meditation can be a daily way to minimize the effects of stress in your life!  Utilizing time in a productive way, along with enjoying it, overall helps our mental health.  They also aid in keeping our body functioning properly as the movement of muscles take place.

Reduces Depression and Anxiety

Depression relief is by far the most reported and studied benefit of crochet and knitting.  The repetition of the crafts has been shown to release serotonin, a natural anti-depressant!  It also distracts us from our fears and tensions that we often feel when we’re not working.

Even though they seem small but these activities are a way of helping ourselves in leading a joyful life.

Art Gratification

We all know the mental benefits of creating art, but did you know that simply viewing art can be beneficial.

A University of London study showed that when a person looks at a piece of art that they see as beautiful, there is an instantaneous release of dopamine! So the next time you feel overwhelmed, stressed, or anxious, try taking a step back and looking at a piece of art.

Ready to look at some art but can’t get to a museum or gallery right now?  Check out these incredible pieces by the talented Artists of Pakistan for instant art gratification or to create your own Art Gallery Wall at home!

Art & Healing
The Benefits of Creating Art

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