Why Are Rugs Expensive?
Your Guide To Buying Rugs & Carpets

Rugs can have a significant value for your homes and offices however they are not cheap at all. In today’s time, rugs can be more expensive than ever considering several factors that have developed over time. An increase in quality has led to high prices for the rugs. The eminence of the material used in the making of rugs is on its peak and how you dye your rug can also define its superiority. The materials, the dyes, method of production are the main points that make up a rug’s price. The type of labour indulged in its creation is another factor that needs to be taken into account. Manual labour which includes hand loomed rugs tend to be more expensive because of the skill, hard work and time invested in it. Artisan carpets & rugs can be seen as a family heirloom that may be inherited over a few generations. They make the most valuable gifts and have great historical importance. This is because it takes years of apprenticeship for these artisans to become masters in their field. These antique pieces are then collected by art & rug enthusiasts all over the world.

The need for rugs have been constantly increasing over the last years. There are a plenty of ways to choose a rug. A rug can be used to match the aesthetic of your room. A rug not only brightens up a room but represents the whole mood of a room. The choice of a rug usually takes into account the style, colours and decor of the house, complimenting the home decor and aesthetic. The essence of the room lies in its rug. Apart from this, rugs allow us for several practical benefits too. Rugs are usually very soft when felt and are the origin for warmth and comfort in an individual’s room. 

How to choose the right rug & Where to buy:

There are a couple of core decisions that need to be made before selecting a rug. The size of the rug can impact the entire look of your room. For a living room the size of a rug is preferred to be a large one when compared to that of a bedroom. Moreover, the size of it should be proportionate to the decor, therefore it is highly suggested to take measures of the entire room before deciding the rug. Another major factor that needs to be considered is the style of the room or the house. It should coordinate with the theme of the house and the colour scheme used in the room. However, a trendy variation nowadays is the “stand out rugs” which emphasizes on the uniqueness of the rug which differentiates it from the entire decor style of the room. You can get these stand out rugs and more from:  a big collection of Rugs and Carpets at Vceela.

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Your rugs solution:

Like investing in a piece of art, quality rugs can be resold later and retain much of their original value. If cared for properly they can last decades and be passed down as a family heirloom.

Rugs made in factories with child labor are able to be sold at an extremely cheap price point. Before you purchase a rug, consider doing a bit of research on its production methods. Ethical dealers will not sell items that were made using suspicious conditions or child labor. 

Buy from authentic online sites that are focused on quality craftsmanship and get the product you truly deserve!

Every single rug is unique & intricately designed with a wide variety of traditional and modern designs for you to choose from!

There are many factors that need to be considered when purchasing a rug such as its affordability, quality and ethics. Vceela not only presents a wide variety of rugs to choose from but matches the same quality of the designer rugs out there! A key factor is that Vceela aims to connect these artisans directly with the market by cutting out the middlemen and helping them extract the actual profits they truly deserve. Vceela allows you to make that fashionable yet ethical choice while remaining comfortable & on your budget!

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