What Accessories to Pair with Sarees?

One undeniable fact is that women look ravishing in a Saree. There is something uniquely beautiful and awe-inspiring about the ensemble and the way it has been cherished by generations of South Asian women over centuries. Little girls drape the dupattas of their mothers around themselves like a Saree while playing dress-up and dream of owning Sarees one day. High school and university students look forward to their farewells because they get to wear sarees on the occasion. Adults and married women love to wear sarees any chance they get. Thus, we can reasonably conclude that girls and women of all ages believe that Sarees exude an unparalleled elegance and charm. But how should you adorn a saree so that its beauty is accentuated? What accessories should you pair with different types of Sarees? Here are some suggestions from our side.


There are multiple ways you can wear Gajras [of jasmines, roses and/or of any other flowers of your choice] with sarees. Firstly, you can make a bun of your hair and wrap the Gajra strand around it like a wreath. Secondly, you can put the Gajra strand in a curved manner horizontally at the center of the back of your head with a half up half down hairstyle. And lastly, you can wear Gajras of real or artificial flowers on your wrist. Either way, Gajras go well with sarees because of the classic, timeless and old-world charm they possess, just like Sarees.

2 Bangles (Ka'Ra) 

Statement earrings and necklaces

If you are planning to wear a saree at a formal occasion such as a wedding, then you should definitely pair your Saree with either a chunky necklace/choker or large bejeweled earrings. It is recommended that only one of the two is a heavy, statement piece, so that you do not over-accessorize your outfit. It is better to choose statement earrings when the neckline of your blouse or the drape of your saree is heavily embroidered, but for other sarees you can choose statement necklaces over earrings. Nonetheless, if you are planning to wear a saree as a bride, then it is perfectly fine to wear both heavy earrings and necklaces.

Mix and Match

Mirror Neckless

Polki Set

Elephant Locket

Stone Choker

Traditional Choker


Accessorizing a Saree with bangles is a must. You can wear Karas and sets of glass, metal or thread bangles, no matter if your saree is casual or formal. Another option is wearing bangles decorated with artificial flowers. Alternatively, if your saree is formal and you plan to wear it on a wedding event, we suggest you to pair it with gold, Kundun or silver Karas for a more festive look.

Kundan Kangan Pair

Handmade Bangles

Thread Bangles

Clutches/Potli bags

If you want to safely carry your phone and other small necessities with you but also want to look elegant and chic while doing so, clutches and Potli bags are your best friend! For a more understated and casual look, you should pair your Saree with printed or lightly embroidered clutches. Contrastingly, a clutch or a Potli with Gota and/or Tila work will be more suited to your formal Sarees. 

Hand Embroidered Clutch

Hand Woven Hunza Pouch

Hand Embroidered Pouch

Whichever of these accessories you choose to style with your Saree, one thing is certain: you are bound to turn heads and get compliments for your look!

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