Why sell on Vceela?

Vceela provides it sellers great values and opportunities:

  • Free and effective marketing

  • No charges for listing your products on 

  • User friendly

  • Focus on handmade items

  • Access to the local and global market 

  • Contact and know your customers directly

  • Take full credit and profit of your products

Terms and Conditions

Sellers registered with Vceela has the following rights and responsibilities. We except our sellers will following these terms and conditions. Vceela has the right to terminate contract with any seller who does not comply with these terms and conditions.

  • The Seller shall grant the right to Vceela to promote Vendor’s product during the term of this agreement.

  • The Seller shall ensure that all products made available on Vceela Online Marketplace are strictly in accordance with the specifications and quality.

  • The Seller shall provide to Vceela product images, product detail, and product specifications as per cataloging guidelines.

  • The Seller shall ensure that Vendor has complete property rights and ownership of all the products made available on Vceela Online Marketplace. Moreover, none of the Vendor’s products violate any kind of infringement, copyright or property rights.

  • The Seller shall be responsible for providing after sales service on all products provided by them.

  • The Seller shall ensure that stock inventory is kept up-to-date on Vceela Online Marketplace. The Vendor shall ensure the availability of product once product is sold to customer through Vceela Online Marketplace.

  • The Seller shall ensure that it enforce child labour laws, and shall ensure that all the workers working in its premises are of age 18 or above. The Vendor shall ensure that its workers are working with their willing, and there is no forced labour at its premises.

  • The Seller shall ensure that it provides good working environments for its workers, and shall ensure that it implements ethical code of conduct at its premises. The Seller shall ensure that unethical behaviour, misconduct, sexual harassment or illegal activities shall be dealt according to defined policies and/or laws.

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